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About Our Clinic

Custom treatment for every patient.

Our physicians are one of the pioneer groups in the treatment of opioid dependency.  Our physicians understand what it is like to overuse a pain pill, abuse heroin or even become dependent to a substance. This can be the over-use or abuse of a Oxycodone®, heroin or a patch of Fentanyl®.  With the passing of the Drug Abuse Treatment Act (DATA), during the Clinton presidency, this allowed physicians to become certified in the use of Buprenorphine.  Now doctors, and other mid-level practitioners may treat people who have become physically and mentally dependent on opioids.  One of the main objective: is to treat your chronic pain disorder and the suffering you experience, due to either pain pill over-use or street drug use with Buprenorphine.  This medications, either a Suboxone film, a Subutex tablet, Butro lozenge, Zubsolv or any other form of Buprenorphine ,will stop all physical withdrawal symptoms.  It is up to you and your physician to identify and treat any co-existing anxiety, depression and sleep disturbances. With this medication program, if you need, and become involved in the psychological group or individual therapy, then your main goal will be to utilize this medication for the time you need, and learn and use the coping mechanisms to understand the psychological issues involved with the use of opioids.  The end result will be to taper off of all Buprenorphine and to become mentally healthy, happy and drug free.   There are patients who have severe chronic pain and continue to utilize Buprenorphine for its pain relieving mechanism, and understand this medication does not cause the negative side effects that classic opioids cause, and may use this medication for many years.

What Our Patients Say

When I first obtained treatment at Detoxification Solutions, the pain stopped, I began thinking of what I had become and where I was going. I used the medication for the first month, and my pain had subsided Week after week, my pain lessened until I felt as though I did not need the medication any longer. When I was tapered off, I relapsed on Heroin in 3 months. I was warned that addiction and pain has a huge mental health component and I just ignored the requests to see a mental health therapist. I now recognized I had no coping skill, and I was lacking any ability to deal with life situations. I returned to the program, became involved with the psychologist and all the individual and group therapies. Although I still take a small amount of Buprenorphine daily, I am better prepared to deal with life.

M. S.

Bottom line, these guys are a lifesaver. I had been to jail, divorced, and was living in the streets, My parents had dis-owned me. I pleaded for one more chance and thank G-D they listened. They brought me to the Buprenorphine Clinic and I saw the doctor. He did not pull any punches with me. He told me that if any of my urines came back dirty, he would not allow me back into the program due to my past failures. Along with his holistic approach with the psychologist, group therapy, and the medication, I finally was able to get my life back. When I say my life back, I mean I am working, married, and for $6.00 per day, I might need to stay on this medication for awhile. I was missing my ability to cope with life. I really needed the therapist three times a week along with the medication.

M. R.

When I first arrived for treatment, to relieve back and neck pain, I also had been overusing my prescribed pain pills from my doctor.  This had been going on for the past 5 years.  My husband could not take the person I had become.  Always irritable, nasty, anxious and unwilling to go anywhere with him and the children.  On my first visit, I received on half a dose of medication and within minutes, my withdrawals symptoms vanished.  I was told to go home for a week and take the medication as prescribed and return in one week.  I kept a log of my  anxiety and sleep problems.  When I returned, I had already began using less medication then was prescribed and I felt wonderful.  It was the first time in 5 years that I could go anywhere and do anything.  This medication is miraculous.

C. J.

I used heroin for years. Sometimes I could quit, but eventually returned to my black tar. I convinced myself that because of my back surgery, and because my doctor refused to give me anymore pain medications, this was the only thing that could work to kill the pain. I was wrong. Buprenorphine takes care of both the withdrawal from "H" and once I was thinking clearly, my pain was not as bad as i thought. I used this medication for 6 months and then the doctor tapered me off Buprenorphine using a compounded version which allowed me to taper off the medication by simply following his directions. I was able to stop all medications within 45 days. I am truly grateful and would hope that everyone had my opportunity.

K. J.